Is Facebook Responding to Google Re-branded Hangout Service?

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Is Facebook Responding to Google Re-branded Hangout ServiceIs Facebook Responding to Google Re-branded Hangout Service

We all know about fight between Google and Facebook but what you may not hear is that the Facebook is going to add more convenience in the life of its users. There is a plan to add a private message option in the Status bar. The reason behind adding this option is to make it easy for the users to send PM quickly without clicking on message icon. After the launch of this feature, every user is free to send a private message right from his status bar. There is no need to click on messages when he can send a PM directly from homepage.

Facebook Take on Gmail
This plan of Facebook seems very similar to Googgle re-branded hangout service that is announced this month. As you know Google tries to offer better experience to its users, so this electronic Giant announced that it was re-branding its hangout service. This announcement was being made at Google I/O’ Conference. This new Hangout will make it simple for the people to send photos, to send emails, to take part in groip video calls with the mean of Hangout application on Hangouts app on Android and iOS. This new hangout is a perfect replacement of Google Talk and G+ Messenger. After this announcement, Facebook launched Chat Heads. When Facebook users access their account from a mobile application then a small bubble appears at the side of screen. They can open and reply to a message without moving away from page that they are already looking. After this chat heads, now we are hearing rumors about Facebook private message feature from status bar. It seems that Facebook is taking on Gmail with the mean of this feature. We don’t get any official words from Facebook about this rumor. However, TechCruch mentioned that this new plan will allow the user to post a status, add a video or photo and the most importantly send a private message right from his status box, which you can found at the top of news feed.
Facebook Premium and Paid Messaging
In case you don’t know about Facebook plans regarding paid and premium message then you should know about it. If you are going to send message to a person to whom you are not connected already then you need to pay a fee for your message. Friend to Friend messages are free of cost. When you sent this message to an unconnected person then it will go to his “Other” folder. The reason behind charging some fee for such messages is just to discourage unwanted message and to make it possible that user get a message that is relevant and useful to him.
No doubt, Facebook is competing with Gmail somehow but this competition is healthy. It always brings good and useful products for the users. Both companies are trying to provide the best and smooth user experience of communication, sharing and social networking. Let’s see when Facebook officially launch this private message feature on Status bar.


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