5 Amazingly Best Games for Xbox One

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The people who have got Xbox One surely started looking for some games that let them make the most from this video game console. As it is a new console, so we have a limited collection of game to choose from. In case you want to start your gaming experience with only the best games then I would like to provide you details of 5 Best games that are quite interesting and amazing.
1.Dead Rising 3
Just like its successor, this game lets you to enter into a world of undead. This mechanically refined series will allow the player to arm himself with tons of craft able weapons. You get different tasks that you need to accomplish while saving yourself from a horde of slow-moving zombie. If you like destruction and know very well how to make your way to your destination then definitely this game has a lot to explore for you. The people who can’t wait to stay at one play for long hours shouldn’t for this kind of game. Actually, your patience would be tried by game’s bosses and dated feeling damage sponges.
2.LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Those who want to grab a lot of fun must try this game that unlocks wonderful action and meta humor for the players. You get a chance to land into Marvel Universe where super heroes are ready to save the world from mega destruction. It is a game for the fans of super heroes. Player feels that ambition has been injected into his body by SHIELD and he has to discover open world of Manhattan as a Spider-Man or Iron Man. Game main hub is on the SHIELD Helicarrier and you join the game as Squirrel Girl. This game provides same freedom as you normally get in Grand Theft Auto. This game is perfect for those who love to fly like Iron-Man and like Avengers.Need for Speed Rivals
3.Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
This pirated inspired series lets you make the most from your powers. Developer has made major changes in this series just to make it better and more interesting than its predecessors. Now you find it easy to navigate through different cities. It is quite simple for you to take some sidequests just to make your character more powerful than before. The most impressive thing of this series is its naval combat and a vast Caribbean over world. If you like pirates and history then definitely you would love to play this game.
4.Need for Speed: Rivals
If you like car racing and want optimal speed then it is perfect game for you. It can be categorized under next-generation gorgeous games for Xbox one. This speed-obsessed game makes it simple for the players to enjoy racing in city street where he needs to maintain the speed for defeating his competitors. Speed maintenance could be a difficult task as city streets will be full with traffic and cops are ready to catch you red-handed anytime. Expert car racers need to save themselves not from the cops but also from the helicopter that will chase them, if they do some craziness on city street.
5. Ryse: Son of Rome
This game tells the story of a Roman soldier who becomes disqualified by the emperor. He is wonderful gory to combat with other his enemies. Graphics of this game are quite appealing and you feel yourself playing in an adventurous arena. This combat based system game would be quite exciting for those who love to play Black Ops and God of War campaign as this game has same theme but with a mega change in the background and graphics.


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