Apple store launched in world key growing Smartphone market, Brazil

| 18 February, 2014 | Reply

Apple launched its first ever Apple store in Latin America state, Brazil. On Saturday, it was tweet by Apple chief executive Tim Cook, who announced the opening of Apple store in the upcoming world fastest growing market for Smartphone. Apple has chosen a right place and time to launch its business in this region. Furthermore, Brazil market has high potential for smartphone business as customer’s usage of smart phones is too much. Meanwhile, it is a very good time to launch Apple store in Brazil, which is ready to host the Football world cup in summer 2014 and then Olympics in 2016.  newsown.Apple store launched in world key growing Smartphone market, Brazil

However, it is a very wise and good decision taken by Apple chief executive and team of launching Apple store in Brazil at that time frame where thousands of people from all around the world are expected to come and attend the grand opening of football world cup. Apple is very much popular in south America and specially in states like brazil, where its clientage is very high and there are evidences that indicates that Apple smart phone is one of the famous smartphones brand available in Brazil.

Whatever the circumstances, apple brand is facing lots of issues and challenges while operating in American Latin state brazil. One of the problems, Apple is facing while launching its product is the import tariffs policy imposed by Brazilian government and that cause Apple’s product price even more costly as compare to the same product launch somewhere else. Apple sniffed this issue and as precaution starts manufacturing its iPhones, iPads, and other Apple accessories in Brazil with Foxconn from almost last year. However, Apple products cost and price is still high as compare to other competitors. Then Apple made some more changes in its business plan, apple opened barzilian iTunes store and also hiring Brazilian people to reduce over head cost bear by Apple Company. Still, Apple needs lot to improve its sale in emerging Brazilian smart phone market as Apple is only able to get 10% of market just ahead of Nokia and Motorola.


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