Facebook introduces third gender option

| 18 February, 2014 | 2 Replies

No doubt about of this fact that Facebook is the most popular social networking site all around the world with millions of users using it.  It is only social network site that becomes so successful and goes on the top with no span of time. It’s really commendable what facebook had done on last Thursday. Facebook has written a new chapter in social networking life by introduces a third gender option in selection gender option given at time of account creation of facebook.newsown.Facebook introduces third gender option

In addition, with this custom gender option introduce by facebook for its million users they can choose many additional options like, “transgender,” “cisgender,” “gender fluid,” “intersex” and “neither.” According to facebook source, the vision behind launching this feature is to make their honorable user to feel comfortable at the time of interaction with each other, and on different social platforms. One more reason that is the most vital one is that the facebook people want that all social network users must use their original and authentic information as there are millions of organizations are on facebook.  Moreover, introducing third gender option, while creating your facebook account is appreciable, because this customer gender option will help you in better expressing your identity on Facebook.

However, this revolutionary idea or step of introducing third gender option by facebook is really working for them. Most of the assisting organizations and groups of other genders like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are now becoming part of the biggest social media network website facebook and sharing their experiences with other. People belonging to different races, gender, organizations and groups are coming to know each other. With this features, it increases more authenticity of users using facebook.

Instructions to edit Gender Status

Please read the instruction in order to edit or update personal information of facebook user is as follows:

  • Step one:   Go to Timeline or profile Option.
  • Step Two: Click Update Info option available at the bottom of the cover photo.
  • Step Three: Click edit option available on the top right section of facebook. Auto Complete drop down menu will be available therefore you need to write the option to get it done.
  • Step Four: Once it is done, enter your new information or update your information and then click save option.

The social network site also introduce the privacy feature related to gender option that it enables the users, that they have the sharing facility with whom they want to share their custom gender. There are some social media users, who make fun of this feature and joked about the gender feature, introduce by social network. Well, it is very big step taken by one the most popular social media website tycoon Facebook by introducing custom gender option in its personal profile option. It will increase the customer bandwidth of   facebook and bring lots of benefits to this social network.



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