Microsoft Shipped 1 Million Copies of Dead Rising 3

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Microsoft Shipped 1 Million Copies of Dead Rising 3, third best-selling Xbox One Title
Dead Rising 3 is enjoying great success now a days. Developer of this game, Capcom, told that it has shipped more than 1 million copies of title to the retailer around the globe. Though this doesn’t mean that one million copies have been sold to the end user yet it clears the demand for this game somehow. One million is a big figure for a game that is only available to play with brand-new Xbox One console from Microsoft.
A Microsoft spokeperson said, “Since the game launched last November, Dead Rising 3 players have killed more than 16 billion zombies — more than twice the world population of people — and have logged more than 14 million hours of gameplay. With stats like these, it should be no surprise that Dead Rising 3 is now the third best-selling Xbox One title and the fifth best-selling title across next-generation platforms.”
Dead Rising 3 was released along with Xbox One on 22 November, 2012 in Europe, North America and a few other markets. According to game developer, Dead Rising 3 is enjoying the same good response, as obtained by its last two predecessors (original Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2) from the users. Microsoft is increasing shipment of 3rd installment of Dead Rising just to meet up its demand.Dead-Rising-3-header
Capcom released additional download content for the first episode of Dead Rising 3 last day. Operation Broken Angel is a new addition that will let the players to have a story, completely creates on the basis of main narrative’s events.
Original Dead Rising released for Xbox 360 on August 8.This game locked the players in a mall where they are pushed to make best use of their surroundings for protecting them against zombie hordes. Dead Rising 2 debuted in September 2010. This time environment was completely different, players had to fight through waves of the walking zombie while in Las Vegas. They had many places to get escape from zombie hordes.
Interestingly, the Dead Rising series has touched 7 million sale figure after its launch. Dead Rising first/original was exclusive for Xbox 360 while you can enjoy Dead Rising 2 on PC and PlayStation 3.
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