China allowed foreign video game console trade

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China has finally allowed foreign video game console makers to come and start trade in the market. According to Shanghai government, video game trade will be started in region just to explore reform. State council of China has temporarily lifted the ban on the trade of foreign game consoles. In this way, China is allowing companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Microsoft for entering into the biggest market. Actually, China banned on foreign consoles for arcades and home entertainment systems almost 13 year ago. This ban was started on metal health ground.
Government has decided to fully inspect multimedia goods. According to government, video game consoles will be made in Shanghai’s free trade zone and then will be sold in China.China allowed foreign video game console trade
Official statement confirmed this decision by saying this act as an experiment for temporarily adjustment of relevant regulation just to”explore the experience of reform and opening”.
China move has given video game consoles makers such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo a chance to come into the biggest China market where videos games are quite worthy.This year China enjoyed high sale of video games worth 83bn yuan ($13bn) annually, according to China’s annual games industry conference.
Exact timeframe for this experiment isn’t mentioned in the announcement. Even there is no more explanation for sudden policy change. However, one thing that is mentioned in statement is that it is for economic reforms and china linearization in recent years.
During this ban, illegal trade in video game market was on its peak. Although government restricted the trade but trade was continued in major areas of country. Main intention of the ban is just to dominate PC gaming market almost two thirds of complete gaming market in China. Now through lifting ban on video game console trade,China will be able to control the illegal console trade.
China government show their intention for relaxing trade restrictions last year but current statement is a big part of this process, you can call it more than a formality.
“This just means one step of the process has been taken,” said Yasuhiro Minagawa, Japanese firm Nintendo’s public relations manager.
Foreign companies have to provide reference for specific areas of trade. They need to provide all such documents and details just after Chinese government official ended complex ban and restriction on video game consoles.
Video games are quite important in China. This year, China enjoyed high sale and growth in video game market. This ban lifting will surely bring a positive change in China both economically and culturally.


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