Say Goodbye to Flappy Bird And Hi to Good Alternatives

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Flappy Bird is indeed one of the famous mobile games. This addictive free game has been taken down by its developer earlier this week. Dong Nguyen is the developer of the game and he gave up on this game because he thought that it had become very addictive and he was unable to take it anymore. However, the people who have already downloaded the game would still be able to enjoy it.

Say Goodbye to Flappy Bird And Hi to Good Alternatives It is interesting to know that Nguyen is making $50,000 per day from the ads-impressions, since game has 50 millions users worldwide. Well, we are not going to tell you what this game was and how it made its developer rich. Our task is to say “Goodbye to Flappy Bird” and welcome to some similar games that will fill the space that has been emptied by the flappy bird in the storage of mobile phone. Here are 5 best alternatives to try for:


This game is somehow similar with Flappy Bird but what make this game better is its eye-catching visual, amazing creatures, realistic physics and diverse gameplay mechanics. You would love to see how your character shrinks, grows,multiply,etc. The controls of game is just like Flappy bird. You need to fly not to score high but to survive; a good purpose to play game. You can download it from Apple Store for $3.99 and Google play store for free.


It’s time to make score by running as much as you can. Your task is to outrun a avalanche on snowmobile, skis, the back of a Yeti and whatever is available to you. You need to tap fingers on mobile screen when you want to get rid of obstacles and like to pull off tricks. This game has a lot of fun to discover for. Free downloading is available for android users while Apple device users need to spend $0.99.

3.Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings
This game is similar to flappy birds but you it is more charming and simple to play.You need enough practice before you reach at its maximum level. This game also involves a feather critter who has trouble flying, so your task is to get its control with just one finger. You need to spend $0.99 when you are going to download it from App store.

4.Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride
Another runner game that lets you grab as much fun as you can is Jetpack Joyride. It also features tap-to-fly controls just like flappy birds. You would love to soar through a secret lab on a jecpck. Fun of game involves collecting coins and dodging missiles. You can download it for free on your iOS and Android devices.


It is a perfect clone of Flappy Bird. Instead of a bird, you will be able to see a superhero and the pipes with the stacks of crates. This game has same features and controls that you would find in flappy birds. You can call it simply a copycat of Flappy bird that has gone now. You don’t need to pay anything whether you download it from Google play or App Store.
Try these alternatives of Flappy Bird and share your gaming experience with us.


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