Top 5 Popular Zombie Video Games of 2013

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These days, game lovers like to play zombie based games. Craze for such game type began from the release of “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) in pop culture. The genre gave birth to different novels, comic books, movies, TV dramas and exciting video games. Resident Evil is indeed one of the best and amazing video games, which have been played by almost all crazy fans of zombie game. In 2013, different developers launched zombie theme games. Now I would like to give you details of 5 best and must play Zombie video games of this year.

1. The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead
This video game is developed by Telltale Games and it is based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series. This game is different from other games in its format. Five new characters have been introduced to this game with a non-linear style; that’s mean player is free to move into the story in a way he wants. It comes with an emotional story that ties up player in the game. Players are allowed to switch between new five characters whenever they like.

2. The Last of Us

The Last of Us
This is one of the amazing products of developer Naughty Dog. Player can take control of Joel whose mission is to protect Ellie and take her to safe zones. He proceeds to the post apocalyptic setting where he has to fight against other humans and many infected people who are simply called as Zombie. Exciting feature of this game is that player has only a few resources to survive in a place where his life can be taken at any time. Developer did great character development. Plus points of this zombie video game are its interesting story and voice acting. You must play this game on your PlayStation 3.

3. Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3
It is an outstanding game that takes you in a fictional city i.e. Los Perdidos where Nick Ramos has to encounter with many zombies. Third installment brings exciting design and best environment. Player is free to make his strong weapon by combing one or more tools available in resource box. This game comes with Kinect and SmartGlass functionality. It becomes quite easy for player to get zombies awareness and know their responses in a very quick way. This games has different endings that are completely based on the way a player take decisions and play game. This game is developed by Capcom Vancouver

4. DayZ

This MMORPG PC game is developed by Bohemia Interactive’s MMORPG. It got many awards for its difficult challenges. Players have to make the most from limited food, medicine, weapon and vehicles to remain alive in the game.It is not alone zombie attack that may take players’ life but they can die due to some diseases from water and food. Currently, game is an alpha testing mode but it will get new features update very soon.

5. Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island Riptide
It is a sequel of 2011’s Dead Island. In this game, players face a shipwreck,so they reach at an island with infested people are ready to take their lives. Second installment of Dead Island has new characters, severe weather conditions and latest defense mechanism to enjoy for. In addition, you will see new kinds of weapons and zombies. Players have to protect themselves from dismembered zombie in the game.


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